Silkworm breeding.


Silk worm breeding, is very easy either at home or at school.
You will have the pleasure of seeing the worms hatch, grow and roll into a
cocoon and also witness the magic of the metamorphosis from worm to butterfly.
Don’t forget you will need mulberry leaves to feed them!
White mulberry leaves are preferable. If not, you can feed them Korean
mulberry (Morus australis) leaves as well. (Although the worms will be smaller.)
It’s very important that the tree is not treated with any chemical substances; Worms cannot live in environments treated with chemical substances.
Please make sure the mulberry trees are notaround vineyards or any other farming field.
Take into consideration two months to observe the complete cycle from the egg
hatching to the butterfly stage.
Egg sales starts in April, when mulberry leaves start growing. Eggs are sold in
packages of 50. You can download an instruction sheet here
We sell the eggs with previous order: 1 package of 50 eggs for 14€.

And for those who only want to observe the making of the cocoon and the release of butterflies, we sell boxes with 6 silkworms (selected in the breeding museum). Price: 10 €