At the end of the visit you’ll find our textile designers space showing a variety of modern creations.

The Silk Museum works exclusively with local artisans using natural fibers. The space allows artists to showcase their work. We can find creations from Soieries des Cévennes, one of the last workshops that continues to weave silk products in mesh. Silk work from the L’Arsoie Cervin enterprise, who specialize in high level tights, categorized Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant ( Living Patrimony Enterprise.)

Neck scarves and ties from La Maison Brochier, from silk enterprise in Lyon
Hand painted stoles , scarves, and ties byr Sylvie Gilhodez
Vegetal inks by l’Herbier à Couleur
The textile serigraphy of C²Nous
Crazy hats byl'Atelier Louche
The textile creations of Chouchane

Organza jewelry by the Zoïd workshop

Vegetable-tainted- clothes by Meltisse
Mohair, hats (bonnets) socks and scarves from Mohair de la Pastourelle

Stitching creations by Juliana Anjavola

Woven accessories and tops by Angélique Zrak
Hats, pins, and many other items from Métier d’Art

Clothes made by Cyril Bresset, dressmaker
Recycled colorful clothes stitched by Dani Michels
Rika Deryckere Silk printings
Végét’Art vegetable sculptures

And our little bags of cocoons, blackberry marmalade, accessories and souvenirs…